Introducing Fluoron’s BCSThe Worlds Fastest Roller Cleaning System

Fluoron’s BCS Roller Cleaning System™ removes starch, size, coating and pitch build up as well as rust, hot melts and contaminants from recycled pulp.

Clean rollers mean fewer sheet breaks, better temperature profiles, increased productivity and reduced steam and energy costs.

Fluoron’s BCS roller cleaning system is the fastest roller cleaning method, allowing less downtime and reducing cost to provide a polished roller surface. In most cases, felts do not need to be removed and the cleaning can be completed in a single day.

BCS Cleaning Advantages

  • Superior to soda ash, grit blasting, ice blasting, and other cleaning methods. No cleanup or residues
  • Can be performed in place on up to six rollers simultaneously
  • Can often be completed in a single shift during a regular monthly maintenance outage
  • Perfect to prepare surfaces for NDT Testing

Typical ApplicationsIn-Situ Rollers With Extensive Buildup

  • Dryer Cylinders
  • Felt rollers
  • Suction Rollers
  • Vacuum Rollers