Fluoro-Coat 200

Fluoro-Coat™ 200 is an air dry coating with outstanding
release properties for adhesive materials. This product can be applied in less time than conventional roll coverings made with PTFE. This coating is ideal for low wear applications where the substrate is subject to excessive stickies buildup.

Offered as a spray on coating or applied to a heat shrinkable FEP sleeve, Fluoro-Coat 200 provides the release properties to eliminate stickies buildup on your surface.

Typical Applications: Low Wear, Stickies Buildup Positions
Starch Nozzles
Wash-up Sinks
Coater Pans
Steam Boxes

Fluoro-Coat 200 Specifications

Min DiameterNone
Max DiameterNone
Max Temperature350°F
Installation MethodSpray on or HST
Adhesive BondingSpray on No, HST Yes