Fluoro-Coat 200

Fluoro-Coat™ 200 is an air dry coating with outstanding
release properties for adhesive materials. This product can be applied in less time than conventional roll coverings made with Teflon®. This coating is ideal for low wear applications where the substrate is subject to excessive stickies buildup.

Offered as a spray on coating or applied to a heat shrinkable FEP sleeve, Fluoro-Coat 200 provides the release properties to eliminate stickies buildup on your surface.

Typical Applications: Low Wear, Stickies Buildup Positions
Starch Nozzles
Wash-up Sinks
Coater Pans
Steam Boxes

Fluoro-Coat 200 Specifications

Min DiameterNone
Max DiameterNone
Max Temperature350°F
Installation MethodSpray on or HST
Adhesive BondingSpray on No, HST Yes