Fluor-XRC non stick coating combines the wear resistance of a ceramic with the superior release properties of Fluoron’s proprietary extreme release coating technology.

Our Fluor-XRC technology embeds the release coating within a protective matrix of ceramic particles which enables long lasting superior release that can handle scraping and abrasion.

Fluor XRC is FDA approved for use in food applications and is perfect for any roll or contoured surface that needs enhanced release properties.

Fluor-XR Installation Process

The Fluor-XR installation consists of a three step process. First, the roll surface is prepared using vacuum grit blasting equipment to provide a clean working surface. An 80 micron layer of tungsten carbide is then applied using High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) flame spray equipment. Finally, Fluoron’s proprietary Extreme Release coating is applied to produce a finished high release surface.
types of roller surfaces

Fluor-XR Has 40X Better Release Than PTFE

To test wear resistance and simulate release under aggressive operation, Fluoron engineers prepared sample coupons of our proprietary tungsten carbide matrix and Fluor-XR top coat. The samples are placed in a rotating wear testing device where a steel blade is scraped across the sample surface under 300 lbs/in2 of force for 4000 cycles.

To simulate stickies adhesion, TESA 7475 standard tape is applied to the worn Fluor-XR sample surface as well as sample coupons of traditional PTFE. All sample coupons are conditioned at 160°F for 24 hours.

The TESA 7475 tape is removed from each sample surface using a ChemInstruments AR-1000 Adhesion Release tester which measures the force required in grams to remove the tape from the surface.

Testing results show that Fluor-XR provides over 40 times better release than the best  PTFE materials in adhesive
applications, even after extensive wear testing!

To see this outstanding release for yourself, request a sample today!

Peel Testing Results

data chart of roller surface

Typical Applications: Low to Medium Wear, High Buildup Positions
Felt Rolls
Carrying Rolls
Embossing Rolls
Mold Cavities
Baking Trays