Fluoron products will help extend the life and reliability of printing and embossing rolls and significantly improve production rates and product quality.

Fluoron roll covers eliminate sticky build-up problems such as ink or adhesives and can be quickly and easily shrunk on to the rolls.  Cleaning our covers can be done easily with a soft cloth and solvent.

Fluoron extreme release coatings can provide additional benefits, especially in abrasive environments or where the textured pattern needs to be maintained.

Printing and Embossing Products

a printing roller Custom FEP Sleeves
Offered in seamless up to 18" diameter. Seamed tubes provided in any diameter. Shrinks in diameter only. Offered as Non-adhesive, or Type A with an etched interior with adhesive for bonding.
a printing roller with a heat shrinkable sleeve 307 Fluoro-Stat 102 Anti-Static Sleeves
Heat shrinkable sleeves of Anti-Static TEFLON® PTFE to eliminate damage and ignition sources related to static buildup
fluoro wear 502 Fluoro-Wear 502 PFA Sleeves
Covers of Teflon PFA that can withstand higher temperatures and provide longer wear life than traditional FEP sleeves. Typically applied in nip roll positions.
fluor XR Fluor-XR Extreme Release
A highly differentiated coating that combines the wear resistance of tungsten carbide with the superior release properties of Fluoron's proprietary coating technology. Excellent solution for high wear applications