With over 50 Years experience serving the paper industry, Fluoron, Inc. specializes in paper roll maintenance by offering a variety of products and services including wear resistant spray-on coatings, heat-shrinkable covers, and roll cleaning. Fluoron is a leading supplier of heat-shrinkable roll covers, custom-fit to each rolls specific dimensions and applications.

One of Fluoron’s most popular services is our BCS roll cleaning system. This system easily removes starch, size, coating and pitch build-up as well as rust, hot melts and contaminants from recycled pulp. Fluoron’s BCS roll cleaning system is less expensive and much faster than other cleaning methods requiring considerably less downtime and significantly reducing the cost for your mill.

felt roller, paper and pulp

Fluoron Pulp and Paper Product Catalog

Roll Covers
Release Coating
Roll Cleaning
FEB heat shrinkable sleeves Custom FEP Sleeves
Offered in seamless up to 18" diameter. Seamed tubes provided in any diameter. Shrinks in diameter only. Offered as Non-adhesive, or Type A with an etched interior with adhesive for bonding
a printing roller with a heat shrinkable sleeve x550 Fluoro-Coat X550
Spray on PTFE coating to prevent build up on spray nozzles, transport rollers, and other non-abrasive surfaces
roller cleaning service pulp and paper Vacuum Grit Blasting
Fluoron can provide grit blasting for surface preparation, to remove corrosion or adhesives, or to clean heavily pitted surfaces.
OMS roller On Machine Seamed (OMS) FEP
Covers made from 0.020" Teflon FEP and seamed in place on the machine.
fluoro coat 200 release coating Fluoro-Coat 200
A field-applied spray-on coating with unmatched release. Can be applied to a heat shrinkable FEP sleeve or directly to any surface. Ideal for low wear positions.
roller cleaning service pulp and paper BCS Roll Cleaning System
Fluoron's BCS Roll Cleaning System removes starch, size, coating, and pitch buildup as well as rust and other contaminants