M.A.R.S. Marine L.L.C. is a division of Fluoron that manufactures UHMW-PE Shrink-Tite™ Piling Sleeves, Carreras Morning Line Protection Systems, fairlead roller covers, as well as custom solutions for chafing, corrosion, and ice adhesion.

We offer quality and durable solutions to the marina, port, workboat, cruise ship, and other marine and permafrost industries.

M.A.R.S. Marine Products

marina dock with boat and marine ropes Shrink-Tite™ Piling Covers
Piling coves custom made to your specifications. Our UHMW-PE Shrink-Tite™ covers are designed to reduce maintenance costs, prevent ice adhesion, and provide a long lasting attractive appearance.
Fairlead roll covers Fairlead Roller Covers
Fairlead roll covers designed to resist corrosion and extend the life of your expensive marine lines. These patented covers are proven to reduce maintenance costs and prevent ice adhesion.
marine carreras Carreras Mooring Line Chafing Protection System
Carreras rings can be installed on any mooring line eye during fabrication to extend service life, prevent ice adhesion, and allow for easy inspection of eye condition to improve safety. Fabricated from UHMW-PE and tested to the line breaking point, this product will outlast the life of the line itself!