Fluoro-Wear 402

Fluoron’s Patented UHMW-PE sleeves are fabricated from the world’s toughest plastic and have significantly better abrasion
resistance than polyurethane, carbon steel, nylon, PTFE and other polymer coating products. The self-lubricating properties of UHMW-PE are comparable to those of PTFE in dynamic friction.

Fluoron’s UHMW-PE heat shrinkable sleeves outperform the following materials in abrasion Testing:

  • 30X Abrasion Resistance over FEP
  • 10X Abrasion Resistance over Carbon Steel
  • 2X Abrasion Resistance over 6-6 Nylon
  • 7X Abrasion Resistance over PTFE

Typical Applications: High Wear, Low Temp Positions
Banana Rolls
Bowed Rolls
Expander Rolls
Lead-out rolls
Paper Carrying Rolls

Fluoro-Wear 402 Specifications

Min Diameter5.0″
Max DiameterNone
Max Temperature160°F
Installation MethodHeat Shrink
Adhesive BondingYes