Fluoro-Wear 307

Fluoro-Wear 307 extended life heat shrink tubes of PTFE are available in any diameter and are custom fabricated to your roll size and application.

With up to ten times longer life than standard FEP roll covers this product can restore your roll surface to better than new!


  • Up to Ten Times Longer Life Than Standard Roll Covers
  • Improved Product Quality
  • Eliminates Sticking and Picking
  • Increases Production
  • Restores Roll Surface to Better Than New​
  • Offered in White or Black

Typical Applications: High Wear, Wet Positions
Banana Rolls
Bowed Rolls
Expander Rolls
Lead-out rolls
Paper Carrying Rolls

Fluoro-Wear 307 Specifications

ColorWhite or Black
Min Diameter5.0″
Max DiameterNone
Max Temperature475°F
Installation MethodHeat Shrink
Adhesive BondingYes