Fluoron Custom FEP Heat Shrink Tubing

Fluoron certified technicians can install our sleeves at our manufacturing facility, or at your location. Our technicians can also provide training for in-house installations.

Installation videos are available on our training page for registered members to see for yourself how easy it is to install our FEP sleeves.

Typical Positions In Low Wear Service
Idler Rolls
Conveyor Rolls
Paper Carrying Rolls
Lamination Rolls
Guide Rolls
Starch Nozzles

Custom FEP Specifications

0.020″ Thickness0.060″ Thickness
Min Diameter0.375″2.25″
Max DiameterNoneNone
Max Temperature375°F375°F
SeamNo < 18″, Yes > 18″No < 18″, Yes > 18″
Installation MethodHeat ShrinkHeat Shrink
Adhesive BondingYes or NoYes or No