Fluoron Custom FEP Heat Shrink Tubing

Fluoron Inc. offers FEP HST (heat shrinkable tube) roll cover products made from FEP to handle serious complications of sticking, buildup, corrosion, pits, and grooves. FEP (fluorinated ethylene propylene) roll covers are one of the most popular types of fluoropolymer heat shrinkable sleeves due to their low cost, easy installation, and outstanding non-stick properties.

Heat shrink FEP tubing extends the life of the protected rollers and other equipment by providing a chemical resistant, non-stick barrier from the process that results in a chemical and corrosion resistant, non-stick surface. FEP is also FDA approved for processing in the medical and food industries.

Unlike many of our competitors, every one of our FEP heat shrinkable tubes are custom fabricated to your exact roller dimensions which reduce the cost and improves product quality by ensuring a smooth non-wrinkled finish. Our tubing is available in any diameter and length. The standard thickness of our heat shrink FEP tubing is 0.02” (.5mm) for low wear applications and 0.06” (1.5mm) for high wear applications. All Fluoron roll covers are available in either Type N/A (no adhesive), or Type A which has an etched interior and included adhesive package for bonding the sleeve to the roll.

Fluoron certified technicians can install our sleeves at our manufacturing facility, or at your location. Our technicians can also provide training for in-house installations.

Installation videos are available on our training page for registered members to see for yourself how easy it is to install our FEP sleeves.

Contact us today to request a sample or inquire about our various heat shrinkable tube solutions. You will not be disappointed by our excellent customer service, unmatched delivery timing, and best in class product quality.


Typical Positions In Low Wear Service
Idler Rolls
Conveyor Rolls
Paper Carrying Rolls
Lamination Rolls
Guide Rolls
Starch Nozzles

Custom FEP Specifications

0.020″ Thickness0.060″ Thickness
Min Diameter0.375″2.25″
Max DiameterNoneNone
Max Temperature375°F375°F
SeamNo < 18″, Yes > 18″No < 18″, Yes > 18″
Installation MethodHeat ShrinkHeat Shrink
Adhesive BondingYes or NoYes or No