Fluoro-Stat 102

Anti-Static Teflon™ Roll Covers

Fluoro-Stat 102 heat shrink PTFE tubes are designed for dry area applications that have the potential to create static charge. Provides excellent release and while reducing the risk of secondary incidents and ignition of flammables. Offered in 0.06″ thickness and designed for rolls over 5″ in diameter, these covers outwear unreinforced FEP covers by 400%!


  • Eliminates Risk of Static Discharge Injuries
  • Custom sized for fast application
  • Handles to apply sleeve on to roll.
  • Infinite Shelf Life

Typical Applications: High Wear, Dry Positions
Felt rolls
Canvas rolls
Banana Rolls
Bowed Rolls
Expander Rolls
Hitch Rolls
Spreader Rolls
Lead-in rolls

Fluoro-Wear 102 Specifications

Min Diameter5.0″
Max DiameterNone
Max Temperature475°F
Installation MethodHeat Shrink
Adhesive BondingYes