Heat Shrinkable Roll Cover Products

heat shrinkable roller covers
a clean seem on a roller

Fluoro-Stat 102

Static dissipative fluoropolymer sleeves with 10X the wear life of FEP
fluoro wear 502

Fluoro-Wear 502

Fluoropolymer sleeves with excellent fatigue and temperature resistance for nip rollers
Fluoro-Wear 402 a

Fluoro-Wear 402

Patented heat shrinkable sleeves that have over 30X the wear life of traditional roller covers
Fluoron Custom FEP a
Fluoron Custom FEP b

Fluoron Custom FEP Heat Shrink Tubing

Heat shrinkable sleeves of chemical resistant FEP custom made to your exact process roller dimensions

“On Machine Seamed” (OMS) FEP

FEP roller covers specially designed to be seamed in place on the machine
fluorowear 307 on roller

Fluoro-Wear 307

Abrasion-resistant fluoropolymer sleeves with 10X the wear life of FEP

Fluoron’s Line of Custom Fabricated Fluoropolymer Heat Shrinkable Tubes Help You Solve Corrosion, Buildup, and Static Discharge Issues on Process Rollers

Fluoron’s heat shrinkable tubes are custom fabricated out of fluoropolymer sheet (FEP, PTFE, or PFA) to the exact specifications of each individual process roller to reduce cost and ensure proper fit and binding. During the manufacturing process, Fluoron technicians expand each heat shrinkable tube using a unique temperature and pressure expansion process. The sleeve can then be installed at our facility or shipped to the customer site and easily shrunk down on the process roller with a torch or heat gun. For roller positions with high friction or compression, Fluoron will etch the interior of the fluoropolymer tube to allow for strong mechanical bonding of a supplied adhesive that helps further lock the sleeve in place and prevent slipping on the roller.

Selecting the Right HST for Your Application

For low wear positions such as conveyor rollers, Fluoron’s custom FEP HST roller covers provide a low-cost option for corrosion and release control. In highly abrasive positions, Fluoron’s Fluoro-Wear 102 HST roller covers can provide long-lasting release, outlasting traditional FEP roller covers by over 10X. For areas with static buildup, Fluoron’s Fluoro-Stat 102 graphite infused PTFE roller covers provide a conductive material to minimize the risk of static discharge and improve safety. For nip roller positions under high compression and temperature, Fluoron’s Fluor-Wear 502 heat shrinkable tubes have higher flex fatigue and temperature resistance. For extreme abrasion environments, Fluoron’s Fluoro-Wear 402 patented Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW-PE) heat shrinkable tubes are made out of the world’s strongest plastic and have higher abrasion resistance than steel.

Our customer heat shrinkable fluoropolymer tubes are easy to install with a simple torch or heat gun and our technicians can provide training for your facility to install them yourself. The video below shows an example of Fluoron technicians heat shrinking a FEP sleeve to a process roller.