Roller Covers

heat shrinkable roller covers
a clean seem on a roller

Fluoro-Stat 102

Static dissipative fluoropolymer sleeves with 10X the wear life of FEP
fluoro wear 502

Fluoro-Wear 502

Fluoropolymer sleeves with excellent fatigue and temperature resistance for nip rollers
Fluoro-Wear 402 a

Fluoro-Wear 402

Patented heat shrinkable sleeves that have over 30X the wear life of traditional roller covers
Fluoron Custom FEP a
Fluoron Custom FEP b

Fluoron Custom FEP Heat Shrink Tubing

Heat shrinkable sleeves of chemical resistant FEP custom made to your exact process roller dimensions

“On Machine Seamed” (OMS) FEP

FEP roller covers specially designed to be seamed in place on the machine
fluorowear 307 on roller

Fluoro-Wear 307

Abrasion-resistant fluoropolymer sleeves with 10X the wear life of FEP

Release Coatings

Fluoro-Coat X550

Fluoro-Coat X550

A PTFE fluoropolymer non-stick coating ideal for chemical and corrosion resistance
Fluor-X650 a
fluor x650 b


A PTFE fluoropolymer non-stick coating reinforced with tungsten carbide for wear resistance


A proprietary non-stick release coating reinforced with a ceramic ground coat for wear resistance
fluor x650 b
fluor x650 b


A proprietary non-stick coating with outstanding adhesive release reinforced with tungsten carbide
fluoro coat 200 release coating
fluoro coat 200 b

Fluoro-Coat 200

Fluoron’s proprietary coating with unmatched release for pressure sensitive adhesives, glues and “stickies”

Roller Cleaning

BCS Roller Cleaning

BCS Roller Cleaning

Fluoron’s BCS Roller Cleaning System removes starch, size, coating and pitch build up as well as