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Threading Problems
Rope grooves that are too deep cause a speed difference between the ropes and the surface speed of the dryer, causing sheet breaks during threading and slack buildup. This problem is easily corrected by building up the diameter of the rope groove to the optimum level, with "Copley Rope Savers".™

Rope Wear from Coating
In a dryer section following a size press or coater, the coating can splash and build-up on the rope sheaves and groove in the nearest dryers. This build-up causes rope wear. Again, the release properties of Teflon® prevent build up.

Rope Wear from Rough Grooves
Chatter marks and roughness in a dryer rope groove causes rapid rope wear and is easily eliminated with the safe and easy installation of Copley Rope Savers™.

Rope Wear from Improperly Sized Grooves
In order to prevent premature rope failure and to minimize threading time, it is essential that all rope grooves have the same diameter. Differing diameters result in severe wear on the ropes due to slippage, as well as tail breaks and excessive slack buildup. This problem is easily corrected by building up the diameter of the rope groove with Copley Rope Savers™.

Quick and Easy Installation
Copley Rope Savers™ can be installed quickly and easily on dryer rope grooves during a scheduled shut-down or wash-up. It takes about one hour to install the rope saver manufactured with long wearing Fluoro-Flex technology on a dryer rope groove. The heat shrinkable liner is first seamed around the dryer journal and then fitted into the dryer groove. Finally, heat is applied to shrink it tightly into the rope groove.


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