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Spray on coating for pressure sensitive stickes
Printing Rolls
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Printing Roll Covers

Fluoron Roll Covers will help extend the life and reliability of printing rolls and improve product quality. A brief application of heat molds the cover snugly around the roll, forming a skin-tight, high-strength, impregnable jacket impervious to corrosive chemicals, solvents, acids, high temperatures, and moisture. Roll covers eliminate sticky build-up problems such as ink or adhesives. With the use of a convenient heat source, such as a hot air gun, Fluoron Roll Covers can be quickly and easily shrunk on to the rolls. Cleaning of these covers can be can be done easily with a rag and solvent.


Printing Rollers
Paper Processing Rollers
Textile Rollers
Food Packaging Rollers
Printer Rollers
Photocopier Rollers

No Sticking
No Picking
Low Maintenance
Excellent Chemical Resistance
Handles Delicate Materials
Saves Labor Costs
Cuts Cleaning Time



FEP Roll Covers

Fluoron Inc. offers FEP HST (Heat Shrinkable Tube) roll cover products made from Teflon® fluoropolymer to handle serious complications of sticking, buildup, corrosion, pits and grooves. Roll covers made from Teflon® FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene) are available in any diameter and custom fabricated to your roll size and application (seamless or seamed). Standard thickness' are .020" and .060", and custom roll covers are available. All Fluoron roll covers are available in either Type N/A (No Adhesive) or Type A (etched interior with adhesive for bonding).

Fluoro-Stat™ 102

Fluoro-Wear™ covers were designed for dry area applications. These covers are high-temp, long wear, and static resistant. Original wear testing indicated four times greater abrasion resistance than unreinforced FEP made from Teflon®. Recent thickness measurements taken on a roll cover in service indicate a Fluoro-Wear roll cover is lasting more than 10 times as long as the unreinforced roll covers. The reinforced Teflon® has greater strength at higher temperatures. Fluoron's suggested service limit is 400°F. However, one bowed roll cover operating at the end of an infrared oven may see temperature excursions to 500° - 550°F for short periods and has not damaged the roll cover.



Fluoro-Wear™ 307

Fluoro-Wear™307 roll covers are similar to Fluoro-Stat™ 102 covers but without the anti-static properties. These covers are white in color and provide great wear at elevated temperatures.


Fluoro-Trac Traction Roller Sleeves are a non-scratching, non-marring, economical solution to web handling with light tensions. This proprietary rubber sleeve provides a unique tacky surface that will keep rolls turning and prevent them from marking or scratching substrates. Fluoro-Trac Traction Roller Sleeves are the perfect replacement for expensive tapes and roller wraps, and won’t shed particles like many of the cork tapes available.

These roll covers can be easily pulled onto a roll on-site.


Fluoro-Coat™ 200

This spray on coating is a completely different chemistry. It is polymerized to release "stickies", such as duct tape that sticks to DuPont's Teflon® finishes. You have to see the release characteristics to believe it. Try the duct tape test!

This coating can be applied on site and is curable at ambient temperatures.


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