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Over 50 Years Experience Serving The Paper Industry

Fluoron, Inc. specializes in paper roll maintenance by offering a variety of products and services including spray-on coatings, heat-shrinkable covers and roll cleaning. Fluoron is a leading supplier of heat-shrinkable roll covers, custom-fit to each rolls specific dimensions and applications. While FEP roll covers (clear) are the industry standard, Fluoron pushes that standard one step further with carbon-reinforced black PTFE roll covers. These PTFE roll covers are manufactured to eliminate static and combat extreme wear conditions, lasting 4-10 times longer than traditional FEP covers.

Not only does Fluoron offer superior products, they also offer superior services. All heat-shrinkable TEFLON® sleeves can be installed by Fluoron's experienced technicians on-site at your facility, even during a short outage. Better yet, all installations by Fluoron technicians carry a 100% guarantee and are scheduled around your mill's needs. Fluoron's customers also enjoy superior customer service, available around the clock. 

One of Fluoron's most popular services is their roll cleaning system. This system easily removes starch, size, coating and pitch build-up as well as rust, hot melts and contaminants from recycled pulp. The cleaning system can also be used on felt rolls to help prevent the felt from losing its seams and to continue running straight. Fluoron's roll cleaning system is less expensive and more effective than any other. It cleans better than blasting with sand, soda ash, dry ice or any other grinding equipment. Because it is so much faster than other cleaning methods it requires considerably less downtime, therefore significantly reducing the cost for your mill. Best of all, once your roll has been cleaned with Fluoron's roll cleaning system it once again performs like new.



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