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Fluoro-Fill™ Keeps Felt Life Longer
“Fluoro-Fill™” repairs pits or grooves caused by doctor blades.

A mill in the South paid for their investment in “Fluoro-Fill™” in 2 months. The felts were were wearing out in 35-40 days because of corrosion on their felt rolls. The rolls were repaired with “Fluoro-Fill™” and the next felt was still operating after 6 months. Frank Chapman, Fluoron’s Vice President points out there are similar savings in repairing dryers where the doctors have scored or grooved the surface.

Fluoro-Wear™ Roll Covers have 10 Times Greater Wear
The U.S. Patent office has issued a Patent Number 6,471,627 on this Roll Cover for the paper industry.

"There are two big advantages of Teflon® roll covers reinforced with carbon. First: The reinforced cover outwears an unreinforced roll cover by ten fold. Second: a Conductive form of carbon eliminates the “static build-up” that has been a shock hazard in some roll applications. The good news is that the reinforcement does not affect the outstanding release characteristics of Teflon®,” says Randy Chapman, Fluoron’s president . “Also this is absolutely the best roll cover for bowed rolls.”
Fluoro-Wear™ Stopped Build-Up On Felt Stretch Roll

Fluoro-Wear™ roll covers are perfect for release in high wear applications such as: felt carrying rolls, bowed rolls, chevron rolls, as well as lead in and lead out rolls. Fluoro-Wear™ roll covers, made from Teflon® and reinforced with carbon can last up to 10 times longer than conventional FEP roll covers, but with the same release characteristics.

This “Fluoro-Wear 102™” cover based on Teflon® has been in service four years and wear measurements indicate that it will have greater than a ten-year life.


If not, Fluoron’s BCS Roll Cleaning System will easily remove starch, size, coating and pitch build up as well as rust, hot melts and contaminants from recycled pulp and keep your dryers like new. Clean dryers mean fewer breaks, better profiles, increased productivity and profitability. Our system is faster and more effective than blasting with sand, soda ash, dry ice or any other grinding equipment, saving you down time and money. The Cleaning System can be used on felt rolls as well. Clean felt rolls will prevent felts losing their seams and will keep the felts straighter.

Fluoron's BCS Roll Cleanining System

“We increased machine speed 12% with improved quality.”
Paper Mill Engineer

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