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Buildup on Lead-Out Rolls?

Fluoron’s Fluoro-Wear™ 307 Heat shrinkable sleeves are quick solutions for rolls troubled by build-up or bad surface finish. Fluoro-Wear™ 307 roll covers are available in any diameter and are custom fabricated to your roll size. These covers are great for lead-out rolls or any other high moisture application that demands extended wear life.

Need to Resurface a Roll?

This Fluoron roll cover of TEFLON® resurfaced a chevron spreader roll in Guatemala.

Static or Wear a Problem

The first couple of dryers after a coater or size press are susceptible to an excessive amount of build-up. As an alternative to doctoring, Fluoron can provide a “non-stick” surface in both a spray-on coating or a heat shrinkable sleeve that will allow the sheet to dry without sticking to heated dryer cans.

Solving Problems for the Paper Industry for 50 Years

Are Your Dryers Clean Like This?

Extend Bowed Roll Life

Fluoron’s Fluoro-Wear™ roll covers have superior life and will usually exceed the life of the bearings. These sleeves are unmatched to any other sleeves promising release from coating or buildup and even dissipate static which is a common issue with other release sleeves.

  • Decreases Steam Consumption
  • Increases Machine Speed
  • Improves Temperature Profile
  • Reduces Wear on Dryer Fabric
  • Improves Quality
  • Reduces Sheet Breaks
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Problems with Recycled “Stickies”?

Machines making paper from any percent of recycled paper can be affected by a build-up of “stickies” on it’s rolls and dryers. Fluoro-Coat™200 is a coating that can be sprayed or supplied as a heat shrinkable sleeve to help free rolls from recycled contamination.



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