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Fluoron’s BCS Roll Cleaning System™ will easily remove starch, size, coating and pitch build up as well as rust, hot melts and contaminants from recycled pulp and keep your dryer like new. Clean dryers mean fewer breaks, better temperature profiles, increased productivity and reduced steam and energy cost. The cleaning system can be used on felt rolls as well.

Fluoron’s Dryer Cleaning Increased Production by 36 Metric Tons per Day- Juha Jarvinen, of Tolko Manitoba Kraft Papers, was running at capacity and their machine was dryer limited. He needed to have his dryers cleaned to increase machine speed and tonnage. He contracted with Fluoron, Inc. to clean 16 dryer cans; 2 in the pre-dryer section, 8 in the first section, 2 in the second section and 4 in the third section. The benefits were even more than he expected.

Mr. Jarvinen reported the following, "The dryer cans are performing very well since the cleaning job that the Fluoron guys did at Tolko Manitoba. We have gained approximately 1.5 metric tons/hr. in drying capacity at peak rates and this will also result in energy savings when running at lower rates due to improved heat transfer. We are also experiencing a much cleaner sheet that is free of surface markings since the cleaning.

The Fluoron guys that were sent on site at Tolko were excellent and I think the workmanship was also excellent." The increased production on the machine adds up to 36 metric tons per day. This could add $6,000,000.00 in gross income/year.

Another mill was reporting production down time of 160 minutes per day due to paper breaks caused by dirty dryer cans. After the cans were cleaned, downtime was reduced to 60 minutes per day. This is a saving of 100 minutes per day, 533 hours per year, or 22 days of production in additional income.

In another case, when all the dryers were cleaned, the paper mill engineer reported they increased machine speed by 12% and produced a better quality product.

It is obvious that the cost of cleaning dryer cans can be readily recovered and can show a quick financial return on the investment.

Energy Savings, Steam Usage Cut in Half - A clean dryer should consume about 1.1 lbs. of steam for each pound of H2O removed. Dirty dryer cans will increase steam consumption to over 2 pounds/pound of H2O removed. This almost doubles the steam usage at a cost of $10-$25/ton in production savings.

Felt Life Increased 5 Fold - One machine in Minnesota had felt life as short as 40 days. After cleaning 2 corroded dryers in an 8 hour time frame, their next felt ran well over 200 days. The savings were not just in the replacement felt cost but also in lost production time to make the felt change. The return on the investment was immediate.

Best Release Solution are Rolls Covered with Fluoron’s Heat Shrinkable sleeves of TEFLON®
Quality - A mill in the Midwest was having build up on their dryers causing quality problems. The first two cans in the section after the infrared heater were the problem dryers. Their testing proved that TEFLON® provided the desired release, but how to apply this release surface? They decided the best solution was to cover the dryers with TEFLON® FEP. The improved technology by Fluoron, Inc. enabled the mill to have these two covers installed without removing the dryers from the machine during the time frame of their shutdown.

Compare the first two dryers covered with TEFLON® FEP which are free of any build-up with the third dryer (Top Right) which has four rings of build-up. The release surfaces were applied by Fluoron, Inc.
Covering dryers with TEFLON® FEP is not new to the paper industry. The Crane Company in Dalton Massachusetts, who manufactures paper for U.S. currency, has been using heat shrinkable dryer covers made of TEFLON® FEP since 1967. Roll covers made of TEFLON® FEP are used throughout the paper industry where build-up is a problem. A dryer cover made of TEFLON® FEP provides excellent release, eliminates doctor blades and reduces quality problems and down time as a result of sheet breaks. A heat shrinkable sleeve made of TEFLON® FEP covers pits caused by corrosion and grooves from poor doctoring, providing a much better release surface than a new cast iron or steel roll.

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