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Problems with Recycled "Stickies"?

Machines making paper from any percent of recycled paper can be affected by build-up of "stickies" on many of it's rolls and dryers. Fluoro-Coat™ 200 is a sprayed on coating that can be applied to any roll or other surface plagued by "stickies".


Fluoro-Coat™ 200 is also available as a heat shrinkable sleeve for carrying rolls. Request a sample for the duct tape test

Dirty Dryer Cans?

Buildup on a dryer can create temperature profile irregularities as well as sheet contamination. The simple fact is that a dirty dryer section will not dry the sheet as well as a clean dryer section.

Fluoron's BCS Roll Cleaning System can clean up to 12 dryers at a time and leave dryers with a nice smooth appearance so that efficient drying can be achieved.

"We increased machine speed 12% with improved quality." -Paper Mill Engineer

Static or Wear a Problem?

Fluoron's Fluoro-Stat™ sleeves prevent build-up on various rolls and run 4-10 times longer than conventional heat shrinkable sleeves. Rolls can stay in the machine longer because this reinforced anti-static cover will maintain it's thickness while providing great "antistatic" performance.

Fluoro-Stat™ sleeves are especially great on bowed/spreader rolls located after a press section and before the dryer section.
Solving Problems for the Paper Industry for 50 Years

Problems Threading?

Irregular rope grooves are often the cause of threading issues and premature rope wear, but Fluoron's Copley Rope Savers can correct many of these problems. Wether grooves are; different sizes, filled with coating, or roughened by corrosion and rust, Copley Rope Saver are the solution.

In some cases Copley Rope Savers have increased rope life 700%.

Buildup on Dryers?

The first couple of dryers after a coater or size press are susceptible to an excessive amount of build-up. Fluoron can provide a "non-stick" surface in both a spray-on coating or a heat shrinkable sleeve that will allow the sheet to dry without sticking to the heated dryer cans.

TEFLON® FEP Dryer Sleeves and our green Fluoro-Coat™ x550 spray coating eliminates build-up on dryers.

Short Felt Life?

Corroded and pitted felt rolls can drastically shorten the life of a brand new felt. Fluoron provides the solution with their Fluoro-Wear™ 102 heat shrinkable sleeves. In a matter of a couple hours, these reinforced sleeves can be slipped over the old rolls, providing better than new, smooth "non-stick" surface.

Fluoro-Wear™ roll covers have increased felt life 100%.



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