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Resurfaces Reel Drums

Fluoron has resurfaced reel drums for a number of paper mills. In some cases the reel drum had become too smooth to grab the sheet, so Fluoron's job was to create a new surface that was rougher. In other cases, grooves on the drum created by doctor blades and knives were causing printing problems.

All of the customers have reported the work was successful and solved the mills problem. Fluoron's BCS Roll Cleaning System was much less costly and faster than grinding with profile type grinders.This reel drum was ground in a 10 hour shutdown by Fluoron, Inc.

Keep Dryers Clean with Fluoro-Coat X550

Keeping dryers clean is a good way for mills to save energy. A recent test done in a paper mill in Western Canada revealed that a clean dryer is up to 27.8ºF (16ºC) hotter than a dryer with moderate build-up on it’s surface. This means that a clean dryer will require less steam pressure to reach optimal drying temperatures!
Fluoro-Coat X550 applied to a dryer after a press section keeps this dryer clean.

Fluoron Is Your Direct Source For Heat Shrinkable Roll Covers

Fluoro-Wear™ roll covers are perfect for release in high wear applications such as: felt carrying rolls, bowed rolls, chevron rolls, as well as lead in and lead out rolls. Fluoro-Wear™ roll covers, made from Teflon® and reinforced with carbon can last up to 10 times longer than conventional FEP roll covers, but with the same release characteristics.
This roll cover installation was completed in 3 hours in the paper mill's aisle.

Clean Dryers = MORE PROFIT

Saves Money and Energy
(Steam Usage)

Increases Machine Speed

Improves Temperature Profile

Reduces Wear On Dryer Fabrics

Reduces Sheet Breaks

Fluoron's BCS Roll Cleanining System

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