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Fluoron's BCS Roll Cleaning System cleaning teh backside of 2 dryers at the same time.

Mill increased production 7.8% while improving sheet finish quality

The Superintendent reported an increase in production rates of 1.5 metric tons/hr. in drying capacity at peak rates and also produced a much "cleaner" sheet, free of surface markings.
Other mill reports:
• Decrease in cull tonnage of 70- 90%.
• 40% reduction in steam costs.
• 80% reduction in sheet breaks.
• Energy savings due to improved heat transfer
The system is faster and more effective than blasting with sand, soda ash, dry ice or grinding, saving you down time and money.Fluoro-Coat 200 applied to a dryer in an eight hour outage provides a release surface for years.

Fluoro-Coat 200 releases "stickies", build-up on dryers

Fluoro-Coat 200 releases OCC “stickies” better than Teflon®. Adhesives like those on postage stamps and duct tape just fall off this amazing coating. The product is the result of a 2-year development and has numerous applications.

Fluoro-Wear™ stopped build-up on felt stretch roll

One mill in the mid-west with a build-up problem on the stretch roll of the first felted section had tried rubber covers which did not provide adequate release, and a coating, which provided release but wore off. In 1999, they installed a Fluoro-Wear™ roll cover. It provided complete release and was still running 4 years later.

This "Fluoro-Wear 102™" cover based on TEFLON® has been in service four years, providing great release and prolonging felt life.

Field applied "X-550" Coating is Here!

"Fluoro-Coat" X-550 is the result of a 5-year development effort. It has the amazing non-stick characteristics of "Teflon"® to handle the serious complications of sticking and build-up. X-550 can be applied to the dryer and cured on site in less time than an OMS roll cover made with "Teflon"® FEP and is less expensive! This coating is ideal to prevent sticking on dryers after the size press or coater, even those subject to mechanical damage from pike poles.

Other advantages are improved product quality and less clean-up time.

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