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Elkton, MD – Electrostatic build-up on roll covers in "dry areas" has been a paper industry safety issue for years, but a new "anti-static" roll cover made of Teflon®, called "Fluoro-Stat"™ virtually eliminates shock hazards.

"Our Fluoro-Stat™ roll covers also eliminate static-related web damage, and product defects," says Frank Chapman, Fluoron vice president and Plastics Hall of Fame member. "Static charge in roll covers can blow holes in the paper or sleeve and that’s a costly affair."

Chapman says that mills have always liked the release properties of Teflon®, but have been concerned about static hazards and web damage. "It’s a natural characteristic of Teflon® to build up a charge, but our new Fluoro-Stat™ roll cover is carbon filled, which lets it dissipate static to the nearest grounded surface. If a Fluoro-Stat™ roll cover is installed on a metal roll, there can be no buildup. These roll covers can even be installed over a rubber cover and will still dissipate static if the roll cover edges are in contact with the metal ends of the roll".

According to Fluoron, Inc., the manufacturer of Fluoro-Stat™, the anti-static carbon additive is stabilized and will not transfer to the web. Fluoron also says its new anti-static roll covers offer all the same installation ease of standard roll covers made of Teflon®. "It is a heat-shrinkable tube and can be installed on site in the same manner as a standard sleeve made of Teflon®," reports Chapman. "If a mill has previously ruled out roll covers made of Teflon® for its dry area on the basis of safety or production, this product will put their concerns to rest.


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