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6/17 Cecil Whig Feature:
Biz Beat: Elkton company recieves MD. export grant (Read More)

7/16 News Release:
Fluoro-Stat™ Might Be Better For You! (Read More)

1/15 Paper Industry:
You've got problems... We've got answers! (Read More)

1/15 Paper Industry:
Rope Life Increased and Threading Improved by Correcting Rope Grooves (Read More)

6/14 Paper Industry:
Solving Problems for the Paper Industry for 50 Years (Read More)

10/08 Paper Industry:
Keep Dryers Clean/ Resurface Reel Drums/ Best Cost For Heat Shrinkable Roll Covers (Read More)

New Products Forum:
Fluoron announces their newest addition. To make what is already the fastest dryer cleaning company in the world even faster, The "Glass-Rhodes™" Permanent Mounting System can be purchased to reduce the set-up time by 75% for dryers that are cleaned regularly... (Read More)

7/07 News Release:
Electrostatic build-up on roll covers in "dry areas" has been a paper industry safety issue for years, but a new "anti-static" roll cover made of Teflon®, called "Fluoro-Stat"™ virtually eliminates shock hazards... (Read More)

3/07 Case Study:
Fluoron’s Dryer Cleaning Increased Production by 36 Metric Tons per Day- Juha Jarvinen, of Tolko Manitoba Kraft Papers, was running at capacity and their machine was dryer limited... (Read More)

1/07 Case Study:
Build up on dryer cans is a costly problem in the paper industry.   Just how costly?   One paper machine supervisor at a mill on the west coast reported after cleaning the pitch from their dryer cans, "We achieved approximately an 80% decrease in lost time... (Read More)

10/04 Paper Industry:
Mill increased production 7.8% while improving sheet finish quality... (Read More)

7/03 Paper Industry:
Fluoro-Fill™ keeps felt life longer / Fluoro-Wear™ Roll Covers have 10X greater wear... (Read More)

2/03 News Release:
There are two big advantages of a roll cover of Teflon® reinforced with carbon. First: The reinforced cover outwears an unreinforced roll cover by ten fold. Second:... (Read More)


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