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Glass-Rhodes Make Dryer Cleaning Even Faster

Clean dryers increase production, eliminate quality problems and save energy

Fluoron announces their newest addition. To make what is already the fastest dryer cleaning company in the world even faster, The "Glass-Rhodes™" Permanent Mounting System can be purchased to reduce the set-up time by 75% for dryers that are cleaned regularly.

If it normally takes Fluoron 12 hours to clean 6 dryers, you can now have your machine back within 8 hours and still have time to work on other jobs in that section.

Each "Glass-Rhodes™" mounting system is designed specifically for your machine and is installed during a regular outage. The I-Beams and their components are stored in a locked portable cabinet for easy storage and mobility. When the Fluoron crew arrives, the cabinet is retrieved and the I-Beams are set into their positioned brackets and the cleaning machines are slid into position. Quicker set-up time means more dryers can be cleaned during the shut down.

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