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Fluoro-Stat™ Might Be Better For You

In Some Roll Positions Fluoro-Stat™ Might Be the Only Option!

FEP is the most common heat shrinkable sleeve for various rolls on a paper machine, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best heat shrinkable sleeve for your roll!

FEP provides good release but can’t handle some of the conditions common in a paper machine. Fluoro-Stat™ 102 is a heat shrinkable sleeve that is able to withstand higher temperatures and is not subject to static build-up like FEP.

  • Fluoro-Stat™ can handle operating temps of 400ºF
  • Fluoro-Stat™ has 4-10 X the life of FEP
  • On spreader rolls, unlike Fluoro-Stat™, FEP is susceptible to flex-fatigue cracking.
  • In positions where the sheet has a low moisture content, static electricity is likely with FEP and can not only cause sheet imperfections but can also cause safety issues and burn holes in the cover due to electrical discharges or arcing. Fluoro-Stat is conductive, when grounded there is no static build-up.
Fluoro-Stat™ 102 on a spreader roll

Property ASTM Test Method Value

Coefficient of Friction
(Against Wet Polished Steel)

D1894 .04-.08
Paper Running Against Roll Cover @ 250ºF (121ºC) Mt. Hope Testing 4X FEP Life
Maximum Sleeve Life Field Testing Up to 10X FEP Life
Thickness Range (Standard)   .060" (1.5mm)
Flammability D635 Non-Flammable
Diameter Range   Up to 15' (4.5m)
Ultimate Tensile Strength D882-61T 3000psi
Elongation D882-61T 100%
% Diameter Shrinkage @ 300ºF (149ºC)   10% Minimum
Machining Qualities   Excellent
Color   Black
Wettability (Contact Angle)   108ºC
Effect of All Acids D543 None
Effect of All Alkalies   None
Effect of All Organic Solvents   None
H20 Absorption, 1/8" Thickness   <0.01%
ELECTRICAL Field Testing Prevents Static Charge Build-Up
TEMPERATURE No visible change or embrittlement with time or temperature at 400ºF (204ºC)
Continuous electron bombardment caused by static produced this carbon cracking and burned a hole in the FEP cover as well as pin holes in the sheet.
Crack in FEP caused by "flex-fatigue" on a bowed spreader roll.


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