Roll Covers made of TEFLON® FEP

Heat shrinkable sleeves of TEFLON® FEP* (fluorinated ethylene propyleneare) are quick solutions for rolls troubled by buildup or surface finish. Roll covers made of TEFLON® FEP are available in any diameter and are custom fabricated to your roll size and application. The standard thicknesses of these roll covers made of TEFLON® FEP are .020” or .060” and are available with adhesive for bonding to the roll. Roll covers made of TEFLON® FEP are an industry standard for providing release to rolls in a paper machine troubled by buildup such as starch, pitch or other contaminates.


Dryer Covers made from TEFLON® FEP

Roll covers made from TEFLON® FEP are available for dryers. Customers often opt to cover the first and/or second dryers after a size press or coater section. These covers are accomplished with O.M.S. technology (On Machine Seaming). This process allows for a sleeve to be installed without the removal of the dryer.

Dryer covers made with TEFLON® FEP provide the best release. Dryer covers made from TEFLON® also reduce the unwanted draw between dryers. These release covers are .020" thick so that heat transfer is not affected. In fact, dryer temperatures can often be increased after a dryer cover has been installed because sticking and build-up is no longer a concern.

Roll Covers Made From TEFLON® FEP
Dryer Covers Made From TEFLON® FEP
*TEFLON® is a registered trademark of The Chemours Company FC, LLC. used under license by Fluoron, Inc.

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